Part one: Food

Back from the tea party! I think it's our 6th annual, put together by Megan, Mandi and me. Every year we agonize over the invites, since Megan's apt. only holds so many. And we each know so many wonderful people. We're each allotted a handful of invitations, and we desperately hope we don't offend anyone we've left out. If we have, and you somehow happen to be reading this, we are SO VERY SORRY and hope you still like us. Anyway, here are pix of some of the food (two more card tables are in the other room.) I realize I took this before the scones appeared, so pretend you see maple scones in the empty bowl in the middle of the table. And I have to say, the chai-infused chocolate glaze on Megan's triple chocolate fudge cake was to die for.
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