Six weird things

So Liesl over at Disdressed tagged me (meaning I'm supposed to list six weird things about myself) two weeks ago, and I'm finally doing it! Peer pressure. :) Okay. Let's see.

1. This weekend I had duck tongues for dinner. In Chinatown. We have lots of fabulous Chinese friends, and they've introduced us to all kinds of delicacies over the years. Along with periodic duck tongue samplings, I've had intestines, lung, blood cakes, fish balls, and uterus?!? Thanks, guys. Did I forget anything?

2. I don't own a cell phone. Never had one. Is that weird? My coworkers think I'm Amish.
[Update: It became necessary to get one. Bummer.

3. I love to peel sunburn, off myself or anyone who will let me.

4. I bought a fireplace video to play on my TV since we don't have a real fireplace. I like it a lot. I think it's funny. I like to play it for people, but they don't think it's as funny as I do.

5. I have size 11 feet. It takes a lot of courage to admit this to The General Public, because I've been ashamed of it my whole life. Or at least since my feet have been 11s. I'm hoping this public declaration will somehow free me from the secret shame of walking into shoe stores, working up my courage to ask if they have anything in an 11, and seeing the clerk's eyes widen and immediately drop to my feet, followed by a stuttered, "Um, n-no. Sorry." Or else they manage to pull out one pair of grandma shoes from the back. Thankfully people's feet must be getting bigger, since it's getting slightly easier to find them. But they're still never as cute as the NORMAL shoes.

6. For the past month, I've had Weird Al Yankovic's song parody, "Trapped in the Drive Thru," stuck in my head, thanks to some friends. You know who you are.
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